Things On Everyone’s End of Summer Bucket List

Another summer has flown by and the back-to-school supply lists are out and ready for organized moms and eager students everywhere. If you’re like most kids and teachers, summer can’t last long enough.

Thinking back to those last few weeks of the semester when you were daydreaming about what you were going to do with all your free time this summer, what was on your bucket list? Here are a few ideas to jar your memory or give you some new inspiration to squeeze the last bit of juice from the sun-made lemonade.

1. Enjoy a Tasty Summer Beverage

Have you tried the special iced and frozen coffees only available in the summertime? What about the new varieties of smoothies, many you can make in your own blender?

Adults can find unique daiquiris and margaritas at bar-and-grills this time of year. Conversely, invite a few friends over for drinks and impress them with some homemade cocktails or mezcal.

summer cocktails
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A fun tradition we like at our house involves making sun-brewed ice tea. It’s simple:

  • Place a dozen tea bags in a clear glass pitcher (more or less to taste).
  • Fill with cold water and use a lid or plastic wrap for the top.
  • Set outside in a sunny area for several hours until the tea color permeates.
  • Stir, add ice and sugar to taste.
  • Voila! Sun tea!

2. Have a Bar-B-Que

Meat and fish
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Memories are made with friends. Grab your grillmeister friend, toss a salad, and call the squad over for some catching-up.

How about socializing around a pool?

Or, if more alone time is what you need, pick up a real book and relax for an hour or two in the shade, sporting a sundress and sandals.

3. Make a Seasonal Dish

Grape Watermelon Salad
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It can be something as simple as a lush fruit salad. Who doesn’t love watermelon, especially in the summer?

Get inspired by whatever appeals to you personally, and experience the season through your senses. When you embrace life through the five senses, you experience the world in an intimate way.

4. Take a Day Trip

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Doing something you’ve never done before creates new pathways in your brain, and if it’s a positive experience, it embeds an unforgettable happy memory. If you’re single, going on a date that is a new activity for you both can create an immediate bond.

Maybe you didn’t have the chance to travel or vacation as much as you would’ve liked this summer, but you still have time for a summer day trip! Perusing tourism sites for your local area can give you some great ideas for fun and inexpensive excursions.

5. Take Advantage of the Weather

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Whether it’s painting and hanging a tire swing for your kids or opening a bucket of fried chicken on a blanket-style picnic with your friends, soaking up the sunbeams will keep the memories of this summer warm.

We all want to think of ourselves as masters of our own destinies. To make that desire a reality, it takes effort and planning. So use these last few dog days to check a few things off your summer bucket list and live your life to the fullest!