Why Some Brands are Banning Skinny Models from Walking the Runway

Skinny models getting banned from the runway
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It’s no secret that women are constantly bombarded with images of other women who look nothing like them. The average American woman wears a size 16 to 18, yet models are still as skinny as ever. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a size 0, but shouldn’t at least some of the models represent the majority of women in the world who aren’t even close to that size? Some fashion brands are finally getting the hint that women want to see more women like them modeling their clothes, not making them feel worse about themselves.

Big Changes in the Fashion Industry

Big changes are coming to fashion - no more skinny models?
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Recently, two French fashion companies, Kering and LVMH, have signed a pact promising to stop hiring any size 0 models. This is huge, considering that these companies own such famous brands like Dior and Louis Vuitton. Why are they making such a drastic change?

Apparently, there’s a new law taking effect in France beginning October 1st that requires both male and female models to obtain a doctor’s statement that clears them medically before they can work. The pact between the two fashion companies will make them unable to hire any models below size 34, which is similar to an American size 0-2, in an effort to raise the standards for the health industry and the impact it has on others.

Will It Make a Difference?

Blonde Woman
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This could actually be one of the biggest, most positive changes people have seen in the fashion industry. For decades, women have tried to get top fashion influencers to understand the importance of relating a healthy body image to women. Young, impressionable girls, especially, look up to the models they see in magazines or on the runway. Instead, what they get is an unrealistic body image of super-tall, thin, women. Their body types account for such a small percentage of women all over the world.

These changes will hopefully help combat things like eating disorders and distorted body images that women and girls – and even men – face every day. Maybe, just maybe, other fashion icons will follow in the footsteps of these French companies. Hopefully, they’ll make similar decisions that can further impact the way people view their own bodies. Until then, kudos to these companies for taking a huge step in the right direction.