How Casual Is Too Casual for the Office?

Causal Friday is a thing of the past.  The office dress code is changing to reflect the times.  Some of our country’s most successful leaders are twentysomethings in hoodies and jeans.  If they can roll out of bed and run billion-dollar companies, why can’t the rest of us?  Several companies, including financial institutions like JPMorgan, are unbuttoning their collars.  Suits are no longer the requirement.  But just how casual is too casual?

Test the Waters

casual business clothes
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

Your company did away with the formality, and that’s great.  But that doesn’t mean you should show up to the office in chucks and a graphic tee on day one.  Instead of the suit, try a blazer, chinos, and a dress shirt without the tie.  Get a feel for the change.  How is everyone else showing up?  Is there an unwritten rule that you should still keep things semi-formal?  You should find out.