Being Chic Can Be Cheap! 5 Tips From a Professional Stylist

Tip # 1: Know Your Body

Try to understand what suits you. Skinny jeans are not for everybody, but a cute A-line skirt can be very sexy if matched with the right top. Don’t pretend to be Kate Moss when you have Beyoncé’s body. It’s fine, we are what we are! If you don’t find yourself very comfortable with your body, you can try one or two meditation exercises. Positive affirmations can help too. Repeat “I’m beautiful, I’m sexy” twice a day in front of a mirror.


Tip # 2: Meet Your True You

Find your own style! Style is about your knowledge of how to dress combined with a sense of trends and fashion. The fashion of this particular time: good color, beautiful cut and fabric of the moment. A fashion faux pas is never an error as long as you don’t repeat it. When trying on a new blouse or pants, if you like what you see and feel good about yourself, then go for it! It’s meant to be yours!


Tip # 3: Buy Second-Hand Originals

Better to have an original second-hand than a brand new fake. If you can’t afford shopping in Paris for a Louis Vuitton bag, be money-smart and find a consignment store. Scour the web to find the perfect piece of designer for less: second-hand and vintage are huge right now all over the world.


Tip # 4: Makeup, Hair Done and… Smile!

A smile makes you look stunning without spending one dime! It doesn’t mean you won’t need mascara, blush, gloss and eye shadow if you go out, but a smile can help achieve that extra glamorous step. Let’s listen to Beyoncé who once said: “A woman is most beautiful when she smiles”.


Tip # 5: Listen to the Experts!

Read books, blogs, fashion reviews and magazines. They will provide you with real-time information about the best shops that are not expensive. A smart woman once said – knowledge is power – if you make sure you are aware of the latest fashion trends you will always be the most gorgeous around!