Colton Haynes’ Brother-In-Law Warms Hearts With Gayby Apparel

When it comes to the LGBT community, the narrative is often one about a struggle for acceptance and a courageous fight for simple human rights.  But rarely does the story ever focus on the positive.  Children’s clothing brand Gayby Apparel hopes to change that.

Colton Haynes and friends

So what exactly is a gayby? It’s a colloquial term for a baby or child that is either born to or adopted by LGBT parents.  Gayby Apparel is a clothing alternative for those parents who just can’t seem to find baby clothes that accurately represent their family.  The phrase has been jokingly used in gay film and seriously explored in documentaries such as Gayby Baby.

Founder Scott Culley, brother-in-law of Teen Wolf sensation Colton Haynes, started Gayby Apparel earlier this year as an alternative to poorly produced kids’ clothing that targeted LGBT parents with stereotypical designs like rainbows and Pride flags.

What Makes Gayby Apparel Stand Out?

Gayby Apparel infuses humor and customization into its designs to provide a sense of inclusion for LGBT families.  There are shirts for “guncles” and “lesbiaunts”.  There are a range of shirts that playfully poke fun at surrogacy and adoption like this wordy onesie that says, “I Love My Surrogate, Egg Donor, Reproductive Endocrinologist, Reproduction Lawyers, Gestational Carrier, Embryologist, Obstetrician”.  There’s also an option that capitalizes on the popular Keep Calm memes that states “Keep Calm They’re Both My Moms” (or Dads).

Culley and his partner Joshua Haynes felt that everywhere they turned, baby and kids’ clothing was created solely for “traditional” families.  They wanted to feel included.  And they also wanted to send an uplifting message that there isn’t just one way to have a family.

Now, not only do they have the kind of clothes they want to see on their own daughter, but they’ve created a clothing movement for kids all over America.  Gayby Apparel is gaining traction after high profile features on and

gaby apparel gay baby clothes

And if you’re feeling left out as a grown up, don’t fear.  It isn’t just the humor of the onsies and tees that includes you.  There are adult tees as well.  All onsies and tees are priced at $30, and sizes are available for the full spectrum from newborn all the way to 3XL.

As we continue to see more visibility for the LGBT community and more aggressive fighting for inclusion, Gayby Apparel is doing its part in helping the children of LGBT parents feel loved, included, and accepted.