Fenty Beauty by Rihanna One of the First to Develop Makeup for ALL Skin Tones

Rihanna fenty beauty skin tones
Source: Fenty Beauty

For so many women around the world, makeup is a big part of their daily routine. But for decades, it has been difficult to find just the right shade of foundation based on your skin tone. In many cases, women had to wear shades that were either too light or too dark for their skin. There really was no in between.

Rihanna has changed the face and the color of makeup and women are raving about her new cosmetic line. Fenty Beauty boasts 40 foundation shades which means women will no longer have to settle for wearing a foundation that doesn’t truly match their skin tone.

The singer stated she wanted everyone to feel included, which is why there are so many shades to choose from. Her makeup line appears to be a game changer as other brands struggle to catch up to her ingenuity. The reason for Fenty’s success is the understanding that there are different undertones and shades to skin and that women are more than just 3 shades.

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It’s not just the broad range of shades that everyone is excited about, the quality of Fenty seems to be exceptional and it Sephora cannot keep it in stock as the website keeps selling out of the product. In the past, other makeup brands did not believe foundations for darker skin tones did not sell well.

Rihanna has given all women a makeup line they can wear proudly. Inclusivity is the key as Fenty Beauty debuted a line that has something for everyone. So if you are a woman that likes to get “glammed” up on a regular basis, you will no longer have to settle for a foundation that is too dark or too light for you.

Fenty Beauty has definitely changed how women all over the world will look at their makeup.