Valeria Lukyanova – Real Life Barbie

The topic of beauty is an incredibly old and pointless discussion that has lead to more than a few bar brawls and high school catfights.

Lukyanova in sea

Mankind seems to be perpetually striving for physical perfection and will stop at nothing to get it. Recently a woman by the name of Valeria Lukyanova transformed herself into a Real Life Barbie. She has become an Internet sensation due to her peculiar idea of beauty.

Real Life Barbie family  Valeria is a 30-year-old model from the Ukraine, though most people know her better as “real life Barbie”, or the “human Barbie doll”. Her tall slender frame, tiny waist and very ample bosom have brought her much attention, not always positive.

Valeria admits to perpetuating the association by using make-up and contact lenses to make her eyes look bigger and more doll-like. Even with all the speculation about her shape Valeria stands by her comment that, other than a breast augmentation, her appearance is completely natural and achieved through a raw vegetarian diet and exercise.

The obsession with looking like a real life Barbie may be hereditary as Valeria’s mother has a very similar Barbie-like appearance, without the tiny waist. Many people want to criticize Valeria’s appearance because we have grown up thinking the Barbie doll is an unrealistic expectation for beauty, and though I agree she does seem a little… disproportional, I can’t really judge her by the choices she’s made.

There are so many forms of body modification available today that plastic surgery doesn’t seem like a major thing anymore. There is a man in Ripley’s Believe It or Not who has had ball bearings surgically implanted under the skin of his eyebrows, his tongue split in half, and his body tattooed to resemble scales. All this was done so that he could be called the Lizardman.

Lukyanova transformed herself into a Real Life Barbie

So how is this different from what Valeria has done? To me, there is no difference. Tattoos, piercings, makeup, and hair dye are used by just about everyone to change their appearance or to Valeria Lukyanova and familyexpress themselves. Why would looking like a real life Barbie be considered more deranged?

They do it to make themselves look different. The internet is littered with YouTube videos on makeup tutorials, fashion advice, exercise routines, and so much content to help you become someone totally different. We each have an idea of what beauty is and though the Lizardman and Valeria aren’t exactly my idea of beauty, they are both happy with the way they look.


In a society so preoccupied with physical appearance and fitting in, maybe these individuals with the courage to stand out and be themselves should be applauded instead of dragged down.

Valeria Lukyanova and father
The proud father with his daughter, Barbie

Maybe the Aqua hit from the 1990’s had the right idea, maybe life in plastic is fantastic, but to each his own and as long as they aren’t harming themselves, what’s the big deal? I leave with one final cliché; Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So remember, what one person finds attractive, another might consider creepy, so it doesn’t really matter.