Meet Silisponge, the Strangest Makeup Tool on the Market

Forget those traditional makeup sponges and brushes, because there’s a new game in town, and it is weird. It’s called the SiliSponge, a see-through makeup applicator that more closely resembles a bra insert than anything else.

The SiliSponge is the brainchild of online makeup brand Molly Cosmetics, and it seems to be the only one of its kind currently on the market. The non-toxic silicone “sponge” retails for just under 15 bucks on the company’s website. And, though Molly Cosmetics might not yet be a powerful household name in the beauty industry, they are well on their way!

So, what’s so great about this revolutionary makeup applicator anyways? According to the cosmetic line’s website, the SiliSponge doesn’t soak up and waste foundation like traditional brushes and sponges do. In fact, the brand claims that the little silicone wonder only takes about half of the foundation that normal makeup applicators need.

various makeup brushes in jar

Consumers are also wild about the teardrop shaped sponge’s easy clean-up process. Unlike typical foundation sponges and brushes, this tool can be washed in seconds with just soap and warm water.

Because of the popularity of this simple but seemingly brilliant new makeup item, dozens of popular YouTube beauty gurus have created a “dupe” for the hard-to-find product, in the form of silicone bra inserts.

Popular YouTuber thataylaa posted her own version of the SiliSponge vs. bra insert video, and she says that, besides the obvious size difference, “…as far as application, these two [the Silisponge and the silicone bra insert] are basically the exact same thing.”

And, though most vloggers like thataylaa are saying that the SiliSponge and silicone bra insert are comparable, Fifi Yee, the director of the cosmetics company is dubious about the comparison.

She tells TODAY, “I watched a few of those dupe videos … some are quite interesting. But we definitely want to remind people that although those bra inserts have similar texture to our SiliSponges, they may not be safe to use as they were not intended or tested directly on bare skin.”

Since its launch, the unique SiliSponge has officially gone viral, with various international news outlets covering the story, and the company has officially run out of stock of the hot item, with a waiting list growing by the day. If you want to buy one of these makeup oddities, then you will have to wait a minimum of one month.