Stitch Fix Personal Stylist

Get Your Stitch Fix

The busy modern day woman is not always available to peruse through clothing stores, keeping an eye out for what suits her best. Nor is she free to spend her time online shopping, purchasing items she’s never tried on, only to hate them upon arrival. Stitch Fix is here to fix that.

Don’t have hours to spend shopping at the mall? But wouldn’t mind a personal stylist helping you and your wardrobe out once in a while? Stitch Fix is a combination of just that. It’s as easy as taking a personal style quiz and having a few fashion items delivered right to your door.

Stitch Fix is Your Personal Stylist Online

Stitch Fix’s personal style quiz combines all the information necessary to help you create an exclusive style profile. This style profile is key to guiding your personal Stich Fix stylist in discovering the best fashion finds tailored to you and just you. You receive five hand-picked items in the mail, rifle through the package, keep what you love, and send the rest back!

As we’ve mentioned, it’s ridiculously easy.

You don’t even have to worry about breaking the bank with Stitch Fix. In addition to taking in consideration of your personal colour preferences, celebrity style inspirations, body shape, and height – Stitch Fix’s personal stylists pick items according to your spending preferences. Their personal stylists want to send you personalized pieces you can actually afford, to deliver you the best shopping experience possible!

The best part about Stitch Fix? It’s like a little monthly pick-me-up. A pick-me-up of stylish pieces and cute accessories – all personalized to your fashion taste. Stitch Fix also makes it incredibly easy to return items that you aren’t so in love with. With a return envelope included in the package, you don’t have to worry about arguing with the postage people or sending your items to the wrong place!