This Zara Coat Probably Has More Instagram Followers Than You

Viral clothing is usually the stuff of ridiculous debate.  Who could forget the national phenomenon in which friends and families were torn apart over whether a certain dress was blue and black or gold and white?  But this year, there’s no debate over color.  Instead, one Zara coat seems to be racking up thousands of admirers all over the world.

It all started when London-based blogger Alice Bray noticed a woman wearing the exact same coat she was wearing at the time.  But the further she walked, the more women she spotted in the exact same outerwear.  It was like she was living out an episode of Orphan Black.  But she wasn’t hallucinating.  Turns out this Printed Coat was just really popular.

zara that coat 2

In a blog post on her site titled #thatcoat, she describes the “Chanel-esque” coat’s “elegant, blue and white pattern” and observed how women from all age groups had gravitated to it.

Where most people would probably run and hide if someone was wearing their outfit, Bray started taking photos of everyone she saw in the coat.  @thatcoat became an Instagram profile with more than 6500 followers and posts of over 200 women wearing the coat.  Many of the pics are candid shots of women showing off their purchase while others resemble sneaky paparazzi shots from devoted followers who’ve seen the coat while out and about.

The coat itself was featured in Look Magazine and rocked by the likes of Olivia Palermo.  And the phenomenon has even crossed the pond to America’s fashion capital, New York City.

There Isn’t Any More of This Zara Coat to Go Around

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Want to buy a coat? Too bad. Sold out. Thanks, internet.  Looks like it’ll become the overpriced treasure of the resale market now.  For those who hope to get their hands on a coat of their own, they’ll have to keep their fingers crossed for a restock.

The original coat retailed for $149.  Upon seeing that ultra-affordable outerwear piece, fashionistas everywhere are probably fuming and kicking themselves that they didn’t get in on the bargain buy before it took on a life of its own.

In addition to #thatcoat, covers a wide range of lifestyle topics including art, travel, London-specific issues, and gardening.   But it looks like followers will be waiting to see which affordable trend she co-signs next.