How to Find the Perfect Holiday Gift for Everyone on Your List

The holiday season is officially here. Are you ready for all the lame gifts you’ll receive and buy? No one needs more cufflinks, ties, mugs, or socks. This year, try to find the perfect holiday gift for every person on the list by following these two simple rules.

Tune In

Find the perfect holiday gift
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I find the best gifts for people when I take a minute to think about things they’ve mentioned to me somewhat recently. It’s more meaningful to remember what someone has said in passing than to press them about what they want you to buy.

For example, my teenaged daughter mentioned a few months ago that she wished she could learn to braid hair as well as I can. I told her it takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes almost second nature. She then said she wished she had a way to practice more and that she could learn other hairstyles, too.

So, for Christmas this year, she’s getting a mannequin head with long hair, like the type beauty schools use for practice. She has no idea it’s coming and never directly asked for it. But, it completely makes sense as a gift for her and I know she’ll appreciate that I thought of something she didn’t, just by listening to her.

Go for Meaningful Instead of Pricey

Perfect gift giving

In the same spirit, meaningful gifts are so much better than pricey gifts. I make it a point every year to really think about each person on my list and what they love. Then, I think of ways that I can turn their interests into gifts.

Buying a gift for a writer? Purchase a subscription to Grammarly or six months of website hosting. Need something for a movie buff? Buy a subscription to Netflix. Or, an avid magazine reader would flip for a paid couple of months of Texture, an app that lets you read your favorite magazines electronically.

Gifts like these are intimate, proving that you care about someone enough to know what they love. You’ll spend less than you would buying a new writing desk or Blu-Ray player, yet the gifts will mean more to your recipients. If all else fails, even a gift card to your loved one’s favorite store is better than spending tons of money on something that will never get used.