The Best Ways to Avoid Workout Injuries

workout injuries man on gym floor
Credit: CC0 license

If you’re a New Year’s resolutioner with fitness goals in mind, be careful.  No, this isn’t a warning to watch out for the angry gym regulars.  It’s truly a reminder to be careful because you’re prone to workout injuries.

It’s a common trope in sitcoms or dramas about middle-aged men.  They hit the gym, motivated to lift heavy and impress the other gym goers.  Then, in a flash, they pull a muscle or throw out their back.  The weights get racked and out comes the Bengay.

Whether you’re a true newbie or you’re returning after a prolonged hiatus, you’re equally at risk.  The newbies often head to the gym without a plan or any idea about proper form for each exercise.  The veterans, on the other hand, try to reclaim their past glory right away.  In both cases, your body doesn’t react kindly.  This isn’t to discourage you from your dream of the perfect physique.  But it should inspire you to take precautions so you can protect your physical health.