The 8 Most Ridiculous Olympic Sports Ever

The Olympics is not a small feat. It is the ultimate goal in sports. Athletes train all their lives to be Olympians. That said, there are some Ridiculous Olympic Sports out there!

Years and years of hard work, grit, pain, and training are done to stand on the podium. Every four years, the best athletes all around the globe compete with each other to win medals and honor to their country. There are a lot of events in the Olympics. Some of these are well known and people all around the globe sit biting their nails to witness the fastest man and the strongest woman giving all they can to win.

There are also events which make us do a double-take. These events often induce surprised giggles and amusing looks.

Ridiculous Olympic Sports : Race Walking

Yes, walking is an Olympic event. But it is not a walk in the park. Athletes need to wiggle their hips for maximum speed while keeping one leg on the ground at all times.

Race walking has been an event in the Olympics since 1904 and continues to be a very competitive sport event.