Use Bodyweight Exercises to Stay Fit This Holiday

bodyweight exercises stretching
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

During the holidays, you’ll find yourself away from home.  You won’t have your bed, your favorite snacks, or even worse, access to your favorite gym.  Many people use this as an excuse to indulge.  No gym, no problem.  But don’t follow their lead.  Just because you’re a few thousand miles from your home gym doesn’t mean you can’t keep working out.  Bodyweight exercises are a great way to break a sweat and keep you in shape.

Bodyweight exercises can be done anywhere—in the garage or in your childhood bedroom.  They don’t require equipment, and they can give you a killer workout that rivals anything you do in the weight room.  Plus, you can boost your metabolism and keep building lean muscle mass.  It’s a win-win.