This Pizza Costs $2000 – You Won’t Believe What’s On It

Warren Bufett most expensive pizza ever
Source: Business Insider

I’m a big fan of pizza. And I hold the opinion that good pizza is worth a few extra dollars. I may even splurge a bit and order my pizza topped with bacon for a few more bucks.

But even I draw the line at a pizza that costs $2000. That’s about $250 a slice, meaning every bite you take costs $50. I don’t care what’s on that pizza. At that price, it’s simply not worth it.

You think I’m making this $2000 pizza thing up.

I’m not.

In a downtown Manhattan restaurant called Industry Kitchen, you can order a pizza that costs $2000. Created by chef Braulio Bunay, the pizza has to be ordered two days in advance.

What’s on this $2000 pizza?

Most Expensive Pizza Ingredients
Source: Business Insider

A $2000 pizza? That would have to be topped with solid gold, right?

Well, it is. But that’s not even the most outrageous thing on this pizza.

To start off, you have a crust made from Indian squid ink and flour imported from Italy. Oh yeah, did we mention the ingredients are flown in fresh from different corners of the globe? That’s why you have to order it two days early.

To top off the crust, the chef sprinkles on some gold flakes from Ecuador. Then he coats the crust in white Stilton cheese imported from England.

But hold on to your hats, we’re just getting started. The pizza is then topped with slices of foie gras imported from France. And since we’re flying in the foie gras from France, why not order some French truffles (about $300 worth) and throw those on, too. As if this thing weren’t exotic enough, you know we’ve got to add some caviar – obviously imported from the Caspian Sea.

We don’t have Germany on here yet, and I’m thinking that pizza could use a little more gold. So our final ingredient is edible – yes edible – gold strips from Germany. And we’ll add some rose petals, because why not?

Apparently it tastes incredible.

But now you’re broke.

Maybe we’ll just order from Pizza Hut next time?