5 Things to Do with Your Leftover Pumpkin After Halloween

Jack o lanterns
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I love pumpkins. There’s something so satisfying about their smooth, round shape and deep orange color. Going to the pumpkin patch is great, and then carving your jack-o-lantern is always fun. Or just setting a pumpkin out on your porch without carving it at all, because pumpkins look great as decor.

But then what?

If you’re lucky, you can keep that un-carved pumpkin around and reuse it as part of your Thanksgiving decor. But at some point, you’re going to have to throw it out.

Or are you?

Think outside the pumpkin! (I mean box!) Here are five creative things to do with that leftover pumpkin after Halloween:

Roast the seeds for snacking

Pumpkin Seeds in a bowl - alternative uses for pumpkin
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You can roast the seeds from your pumpkin and make a crunchy, salty snack. (Which might be nice for a change after all that Halloween candy you just ate.) Just take the seeds out of your pumpkin, put them on a baking sheet, and sprinkle with oil and salt. Then bake them in the over for about 45 minutes, at 325 degrees.

Compost your pumpkin

composting pumpkin - pumpkin after halloween
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A few weeks after Halloween, that pumpkin is already starting to decompose. Why not make use of the decomposition process? Put the pumpkin in your garden and cover it with leaves. Composting a pumpkin is a great way to nourish the soil of your garden.