KFC Sunscreen Makes Ideal Skin “Finger Lickin’ Good”

New KFC Sunscreen Lowers Skin Cancer; Raises Hunger

What are your top five favorite things about summer? If tanning and fried-chicken are on your list, then the new KFC fried chicken-scented sunscreen lotion is for you. The “finger licking good” company has now made a move to make it into your everyday life during the summer. And yes, KFC sunscreen is a real thing.

The commercial itself for the newest of the novelty KFC products makes the sunscreen feel like more of a gag than it already is. The people in it will remind you of a bad product infomercial you would see around 2 a.m. And to complete the gag feel, it is topped off with the individuals being nice and crispy after the sunscreen has been applied, much like the fried chicken the company is famous for.

Still don’t believe us? We would normally send you to get a free sample from the KFC website but they’re already all gone. Word spread quickly and the entire sample supply of 3,000 snazzy bottles was snapped up in only two hours. People who have received their fried-chicken sunscreen are swearing by the smell, but whether or not the product is actually useful is still up in the air.

Not For All Situations

Investigations into sunscreens have already made it clear that when choosing a sunscreen above 30 SPF is somewhat unreliable. However, KFC’s tagline for their KFC sunscreen is “the only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken”, putting us a little more at ease. But just to be on the safe side, if you ever do get your hands on one of these bottles, perhaps take an extra bottle of something else to the beach to be on the safe side. At least the smell won’t attract sharks!

sunscreen advisory

Also, please remember that your new bottle of novelty sunscreen is not meant to be eaten, and instead is just meant to make the outside of your body smell delicious. This summer has just gotten more interesting with this new release and we are looking forward to see where KFC will take this sunscreen after it was clearly a hit. This fried-chicken sunscreen would definitely make the best gift to the junk food lover in your life!