How to Pull off the Perfect Summer BBQ

Barbecues and summer go hand in hand like fall and apple cider.  Summer just isn’t summer with having a rack of smoked ribs at least once.  But with Labor Day just around the corner, there isn’t much time left to enjoy them.  If you’ve decided to bite the bullet and host a summer BBQ yourself, it can seem overwhelming at first.  However, there’s just a few things you need to pull off the perfect event.

Keep It Simple

summer bbq meat on grill
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

When you host a summer BBQ, you’ll feel the urge to impress.  You want your guests to lick their fingers and remember the night because of your delicious cuisine.  But don’t get carried away.  Barbecuing is an art—a time-honored tradition that requires skill.  If you don’t consider yourself an expert, control your ambition.  Classic baby back ribs.  Simple grilled chicken with barbecue sauce.  Vegetable kebab.  With the right cooking method, it won’t take much to pack your meats and veggies with plenty of flavor.