Confessions of a Health Inspector: Why Restaurant Shutdowns Happen

Restaurant Shutdowns: The Truth

If you’re reading this, you may be upset at health inspectors for closing your neighborhood burger joint. Maybe in the past, restaurant inspectors shackled the doors shut to your favorite phở spot. Regardless, restaurant shutdowns are rare, but they do happen. There are many different reasons that a restaurant can be shut down. Here are 10 reasons, taken from a real-life health inspector, for why restaurant shutdowns happen. Some are more obvious, while others, you would never be able to have known. Not all of these are easy for regular food-lovers like you or me to catch, but they could all result in you leaving the restaurant hungry for answers.

1. Roaches/Rats/Pests

Source: Wikipedia

One of the most common reasons for restaurant shutdowns, pests are a disgusting problem that many restaurants face. Rats scurrying around, leaving droppings, and breeding like rabbits cause major problems for restaurant workers. Another pest that is sometimes found in restaurants is the cockroach. Not the most appetizing of foods, despite their high protein content.