Enjoy Taco Tuesday With a $25,000 Tortilla!

Taco Tuesday 25000

Taco Tuesday has taken on a whole new meaning in the Grand Velas Los Cabos’ restaurant, Frida located in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. For the sum of $25,000, you can indulge in two of the most expensive tacos in the world. Why so much? The hefty price tag is no doubt due to the ingredients.

This decadent tortilla contains a gold flake–infused soft corn tortilla filled with Kobe beef, black truffle brie cheese, lobster, and, Almas Beluga caviar. Apparently, the chef makes it a goal to give people the unexpected and break away from traditional cuisine.

Looks like they have succeeded.

In addition to the pricey tortilla, you can wash it down with a shot of tequila that will cost you $150K. So this taco meal is basically the cost of a small home. Now, we don’t mean to be downers, but this is just excessive. And not to mention it doesn’t sound or look that appetizing.

We’re all for trying new recipes, but this is too much. Come on, it doesn’t even have the usual taco ingredients. Where’s the sour cream? Where’s the sloppy salsa that runs down your fingers after you take your first bite? This looks like something you would use as a centerpiece on your dining room table, not a meal.

The tequila does sound quite appealing. Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to try some top-shelf tequila?  Does it go down smooth or leave you with a massive hangover? It doesn’t look like we will be finding out anytime soon?

As for the taco, if you can afford it and are in Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, you may want to check it out. Just make sure you have plenty of cash to cover the check. Otherwise, you’ll be washing dishes. Indefinitely.

Better yet, leave this delicacy to the rich and famous.