Pint-Sized Entrepreneur Runs Her Own Food Truck

kyleigh lemonade stand

This past summer, 7-year old Kyleigh McGee decided to expand the lemonade stand she operated in her grandparent’s backyard. So the young entrepreneur decided to upgrade and get her very own food truck. The idea came to her when she was working her original lemonade stand the previous summer. And so, her mother helped her acquire an old snow cone stand which they converted to a mobile lemonade stand.

They even expanded the mobile menu to include more than just lemonade, they also sell ice cream, snacks, and her super popular, pineapple snow cones. The snow cones are served to customers in a hollowed out pineapple. Her mom believes that allowing the little entrepreneur to work the mobile stand is teaching her how to be responsible.

So, in other words, Kyleigh is learning how to count and save money. Her favorite part of owning her own business is serving customers and being the boss. Now that the business is mobile, Kyleigh gets to take her show on the road and go to events and locations where she can bring the crowd the treats they love.