Free Starbucks For Life! If You Dare!

So a guy walks into Starbucks and its his birthday. He gets a free coffee. Then he walks into another Starbucks the next day and happy birthday! He gets a free coffee. Now repeat that for everyday of the year. Yup, more free coffee!

How does he do it? Think for a moment and this guy’s brilliant little plan might come to you? Had enough? Okay this is what Mr. X did! He got 365 Starbucks cards and signed up each one for a Starbucks account with a different birthday. He carefully filled in each form and meticulously labelled each card. Then what? Happy birthday to Mr X who just beat the system.

Is it stealing, well yeah kind of. Is it still cool? Well kind of. After all even if I thought up this devious plan, felt morally okay doing it and opened up my computer to start making accounts, I think I’d only get to about January 4th before I’d give up and well, go by a coffee.

You can read the full story over at Business Insider! Check it out

So what do you think about FREE Starbucks for Life? Is Mr X a genius or a thief? Should the coffee police come for him? What would you do to get free Starbucks for a year?

Leave a comment in the section below. Genius or villain? Or genius villain?