Goals You Can Reach in Twelve Months

Source: Pixabay

Are you thinking about ways to change your life in 2018? Perhaps 2017 wasn’t your year. It certainly was not mine. But the great thing about the New Year is that we can plan to do things differently. Here are some goals you can work on in the next twelve months.

  1. Tracking your diet. Do you have weight issues or do you just want to eat healthier? Keeping track of what you are eating is a good way to do this. It’s a deterrent to eating junk too because you won’t want to put it in the tally. I like to use my fitness pal app.
  2. Excercise regularly. This is something I would really like to commit to for 2018. Not only because of my weight but also just to be healthier. You should be exercising for 30 minutes each day.
  3. Drink more water. I have dry mouth from all my meds so I am constantly drinking…diet soda. Fail. I want to commit to drinking more water this year.
  4. Attend all your doctor’s appointments. Make sure you get to all your prevention appointments (like dental cleanings etc.) Don’t skip any appointments and force yourself to go.