Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong Ends With Man Feeding 5000 People

proposal spicy noodles
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Some people really know how to show their appreciation. A Chinese man paid for spicy noodles for 5,000 people after an engagement ring was returned to him. Sounds too good to be true? Doesn’t it? Here’s what happened. A man was planning on proposing to his girlfriend on their 1-year anniversary. He moved away from his lunch (and the ring) to keep his lady love from seeing what he was up to and the ring was gone when he returned to his seat.

The $44,000, 3-carat ring, was turned into the restaurant’s owner, who in turn gave the distraught man a call and returned the ring to him. As a way to show his gratitude, dude returned to the restaurant the next day and asked how many bowls of noodles are sold daily.

Asian couple proposing
Source: The Knot

After the owner told him, he left $5,200 and asked him to invite 5,000 people to eat free that day. Now that is how you show your gratitude for someone doing the right thing. All too often we hear about people having property returned to them and not giving thanks for the returned items.

Mr. Wang from China definitely understands the concept of giving thanks. He even gave a thank you letter the restaurant and let them know his girlfriend accepted his proposal. Wang went on to say he has the women he loves and met plenty of nice people.

We think Mr. Wang’s fiance is the lucky one. Not only did she get a 3-carat rock, she is marrying one of the most generous men we’ve heard about in a very long time. He showed his gratitude by treating 5,000 people to spicy noodles (hopefully the noodles weren’t too spicy!), encouraging people to come and eat free for the day.

All we can say is Mr. Wang, you are one class act, and your fiance is a lucky woman. We wish you well on your upcoming nuptials.