Haircut Discount for Kids Who Read to the Barber

At Fuller Cut barbershop, kids can get many speciality haircuts. Everything from fades to mohawks are offered. But something sets this barbershop apart from the rest. Youngsters get a haircut discount if they read a book aloud to the barber. So, who says school doesn’t pay off?

You can find the barbershop located in Ypsilanti, a small town just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan. After reading about a similar program in Harlem, New York, Ryan Griffin decided to try it out for himself. The community backed the cause and started donating books. Now that’s something that’ll never go out of style.

Haircut Discount Shop

A young kid smiles as a hairdresser works on her hair.
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Jozef Jason is a 7-year-old boy who recently went in for a trim. With second-grade picture day around the corner, Jozef wanted to look spiffy for the big occasion. His heart was set on the kid’s mohawk. The youngster confidently gave directions before picking up his book; “It’s high on the top and short on the bottom, and lines that go in a diagonal line where the top is gonna be.” This kid is as sharp as a razor!

Keith Jason, the dad, chose Fuller Cut barbershop over all the others in Ypsilanti. In addition to saving a few extra bucks, he appreciates the effort to educate his son. Moreover, he believes that this initiative is helping children prepare a better future for themselves. No child gets left behind with this program.

Read Between the Hairline

Kid with mohawk and hair dyed blue.
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You may be wondering the origins of this brilliant idea. Although the barbershop had been around for 20 years serving customers, the program wasn’t set into motion until Ryan Griffin entered the scene. He had heard of the initiative from New York, and approached his boss to implement it. And that’s the story of how this little barber shop became a cut above the rest.

But there is a catch. Just reading the book isn’t enough. The barber quizzes the youngsters to make sure they understand what they read. Griffin states that along with reading, comprehension is very important. He envisions many of his young customers becoming journalists and writers. Fuller Cut sure seems to be on the cutting edge of barbershop literacy.

Short Hair, No Care

Hairdresser with comb in hand is cutting a child's hair.
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Moreover, as many young black boys come in for a trim, the shop offers a diverse selection of books. Some feature black baseball players, while black detectives are the stars of other books. The variety of books offered can only be matched by their selection of haircuts.

The barbershop has received praise from teachers and parents alike. Now there are similar programs all over the country, from Houston to Columbus, Ohio. And, that closes the book on this tale. So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment at Fuller Cut barbershop and get a haircut discount today!