Hot Dog Vendor Loses Money, Gains Donations

hot dog vendor money seizure

A hot dog vendor in California was just trying to make a living. His cart was set up outside of the U.C. Berkely campus when the campus police issued him a ticket for operating the cart without a license. A bystander videotaped the incident in which the police confiscated the money the vendor had earned right out of his wallet.

The officer said he would take the money to the judge to make a determination on whether or not the vendor, Beto Matias would be able to keep the money he had earned. Of course, the bystander took to social media and posted the video on Facebook in an effort to cover the legal fees and lost earnings of Matias.

There was an outpouring of support for the hot dog vendor and donations have topped $50,000 to help Matias get back on his feet. Even though he didn’t have a permit to operate his stand, he didn’t think it was fair for the police to take the $60 he earned selling food on the campus. We are sure he is glad that there was someone close by with a camera to video what he went through.

A petition has also been started requesting the removal of the officer, Sean Aranas, who has been accused of harassing other people on the U.C. Berkely campus. He claims he was acting on the orders of his supervisor, but it is unclear if his boss told him to confiscate Matias’ money. His conduct has raised questions on whether or not the proceeds of someone’s earnings can be seized if the person has not been convicted. Attempting to have their money returned is a lengthy and costly process and most do not have the funds to fight to get their money and property back.

Once again, basic human kindness wins out and a local hot dog vendor will be able to operate his cart again. This time, with a license.