Jack Daniels Best Kept Secret: It Was Created by a Slave

Jack Daniels Slaves
Source: Pixabay

Everyone’s got secrets. And apparently, Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey is no different. After years of secrecy, Jack Daniels comes clean and admits a former slave, Nathan “Nearest” Green was the man that taught him how to distill the alcoholic beverage. Thanks to bestselling New York Time’s author, Fawn Weaver, the man behind the recipe finally gets the credit he deserves.

Weaver spent thousands of hours researching the subject and was amazed to learn that blacks and whites worked side-by-side during and after the Civil War. The story she was most intrigued with was the one of Green, and how a slave of Dan Call taught his neighbor, Daniel how to distill whiskey. Eventually, Call turned his still over to Daniel, but Green is the man behind the brew.

Green is considered one the greatest teachers in the art of whiskey distilling. It’s a shame he isn’t here to bask in the glory. His story is just one of many of the relationship of slaves and Tennessee whiskey distilling. Our nation seems to have a history of taking advantage of the less fortunate.

Jack Daniels nathan green
Source: NYT

But thanks to Weaver and her husband, Nathan “Nearest” Green is getting the recognition he deserves. The Weavers have bought the 313-acre farm once owned by Dan Call and have launched the Nearest Green Foundation. The organization’s goal is to highlight and celebrate Green’s involvement in the Tennessee Whiskey industry and that includes Jack Daniels.

Uncle Nearest 1856 is a Tennessee whiskey created to pay tribute to the real creator of everyone’s favorite whiskey. Even though it is over a hundred years after he distilled the concoction that put Jack Daniels on the map, it’s never too late to celebrate a true legend.

So the next time you pour yourself a shot of that famous brown liquor, take a moment to say thank you to its creator, Nathan “Nearest” Green.