$400k Car Gets K.O’d! Lamborghini Car Accident In Vancouver Sparks Anger

A Lamborghini car accident that happened in downtown Vancouver went viral on social media. This is not surprising since Lamborghini Aventador is one of the most expensive cars in the world and watching a smashed one is a very rare sight.

A brand new Lamborghini Aventador costs at least $400,000. Most people will have to save all their lives in order to be able to buy one, and considering the fact that an apartment will cost about the same, only the richest people own these spectacular cars.


Why Does the Lamborghini Aventador Cost So Much?

This car has a 12 cylinders motor called V12. The “V” is for the 60 degrees angle between the cylinders and the crankcase. This powerful engine was actually first used by early airplanes and later on was adopted to sports cars such as Lamborghinis and Ferraris. This engine guarantees unparalleled acceleration and incredible speed.

The design is an additional aspect of this car that makes it unique. The aeronautics-inspired curves of the car minimize the air resistance when driving over 180 miles per hour. Lamborghini Aventadors can reach up to 217 mph (or 350 km/h).

Another important element in Lamborghini Aventador’s design is the extensive us of carbon fiber, an expensive element that is both tough and light. Carbon fiber is used to build planes and is supposed to be very resistant. Though from the Lamborghini car accident photos, it was clear that this material has its limits.

How Did The Lamborghini Car Accident Happen?

The crash happened in front of Louis Vuitton and Tiffany & Co shops (really!) in downtown Vancouver. Details on how the accident occurred are not completely clear, but it seems that the Lamborghini Aventador was making a left turn when the lights turned yellow, and the driver didn’t notice that a Chevrolet Cobalt is still crossing the intersection.

The smashed car got a lot of attention from passing cars and passengers and caused traffic jams. No comments from Lamborghini about the fact the Chevy had little damage compared to the luxurious car that had to be towed away.

Many people in Vancouver may be annoyed at the incident. A young Asian male, was seen driving the car, and can be seen in other pictures of the scene talking on a cell phone. Normally, someone that young (he looks no older than 28) would not be able to afford a car like that. However, rich parents from China often send their children abroad to study, and with the large Chinese population, investing opportunities, and one of the most beautiful and unpolluted cities in the world, Vancouver has become a popular choice.

When seeing a very young Asian male behind the wheel of a very powerful car, people begin having doubts. This is especially true if they have a mandatory “New Driver” sticker on the back of their brand new McLaren. Was this young man one of those spoiled kids? Maybe he was calling mommy and daddy back home. “I need a new car! Another Lamborghini!”

We aren’t sure. But if he was, the people of Vancouver must have plenty to say about it.