Little League Parents: Are They Too Serious?

Little League sports are a right of passage for many kids from all walks of life. Parents can sign their kids up to keep them active or because their child has a genuine interest in playing a sport. Kids get to choose from baseball, basketball, football, soccer, cheerleading, and volleyball, so there’s something for everyone. The coaches are volunteers so it’s a great way to unite the community.

Parents get to see their kids show their athletic abilities and burn off a lot of excess energy. But sometimes, parents take the games way to serious and turn a fun, family event into a horror show.

You know the parents we’re referring to. The ones that scream and yell at their kids and their teammates making the children and the spectators uncomfortable. Nothing turns a game into an ugly scene like an angry parent screaming from the sidelines when their kid drops the ball or makes a mistake.

Come on parents, it’s Little League. No child will be signed to the NBA, NFL, or MLB from a recreational activity. Calm down and let the kids have some fun.

The purpose of recreational sports is to teach kids how to participate as a member of a team and to learn how to take instructions from someone other than their parents. They learn fellowship and hopefully build lasting relationships with teammates, which are essential tools to succeed in their adult lives.

Most kids don’t care if they win or lose. They just want to have fun.

So parents, remember this when you are about to jump out of your seat and holler at your child, the coach or the referee. The coaches and referees are volunteers and are taking time out of their busy schedules to nurture your children. And most importantly, no scholarships will be given out at the end of the season.

So sit down, keep your mouth shut and enjoy the game.