Marine Aquarium Lite

Aquariums are a great household item to have around. Besides being an awesome decorative piece, they are great to have as a hobby and a means of relaxation for most people. However, if you’re not into cleaning fish tanks, dealing with messy filters, and taking care of fish—we have the next best thing for you!

Marine Aquarium Lite is a 3D fish tank screensaver that delivers you all the fun of a real aquarium! Made with beautiful, vibrant colours and vivid animations of fish, Marine Aquarium Lite is an application that runs with Mac or PC. It’s fun, easy to install, and free! All you need is Google Chrome!

Marine Aquarium Lite’s 3D fish tank screensaver is a gorgeous nature background while you’re searching away on the Internet or doing your daily activities on the computer. Marine Aquarium Lite even features water sounds so that you actually feel as though you’re looking at an underwater oasis!

On top of adding a cool background to your status quo, Marine Aquarium Lite brings you fun facts of the day! Fun fish facts of the day to be exact. Each fish you add into the screensaver shows an entry of the fish’s full name, Latin name, location, and other facts. So you will get to enjoy a beautifully animated aquarium screensaver, as well as learning a few things here and there!

This product definitely delivers the aquarium experience without the aquarium fuss. You don’t have to worry about keeping any fish alive or cleaning any filters or water spills! You can simply sick back and enjoy the soothing experience of watching fish swim about. Marine Aquarium Lite takes your screensaver and wallpaper to the next level!

Forget that boring default wallpaper you had on your desktop. Opt for something fun, exciting, and animated like a virtual aquarium fish tank! It’s free, it only takes seconds to install, and functions perfectly well with your computer.