“Memeionism” – Memes as a Form of Art

History is littered with different art movements, reflecting cultures and philosophies. Can we consider memes as a new art movement – the Memeionism?

New artistic mediums are continuously being discovered and manipulated to express the thoughts and whims of the artist. Technology is a recent addition to the way art is done; it has even changed the way it is created. There are now digital artists, Photoshop pros, and artists that take advantage of 3D printing technology.

man watch white paintings

Computers have also stirred the creation of a new art form called Internet Art. Internet Art is any art that cannot exist on its own without the internet, a good example of this is the Memes that have taken over the web and social media.

Memes can be seen as a form of art because they are fluid pieces that tell the stories of a certain culture; about how the people live and see the world. Memeionism is the art of the people; it reaches out to anyone with an internet connection and allows them to manipulate it, and add their own unique perspective to it.funny - if it ain't baroque don't fix it

Memeionism steps away from conventional art forms and gives a voice to whoever wants to take advantage of it. Memes are the ultimate community art project where the entire planet is one single community giving their input and making it theirs.

Memes are more available to the general public than any other form of art, they offer more chances for people to communicate, interact, and comment. It sparks debate and offers a view into the lives of the creators. It’s political, humorous, and personal; it gives everybody a chance to be heard. The creative potential behind memes is endless as just about any picture can be transformed into a meme.

Each meme carries a message that is embedded. For example, the “socially awkward penguin” expresses the inner struggles of individuals, providing comfort to others who may also see themselves as awkward.


socially awkward penguin meme


The world can celebrate other people’s success with the “success baby” meme.


success baby funny meme


Advice Duck” offers wise advice that may not have been known any other way.


advise duck meme


Memes offer the artist a chance to confess, in an anonymous way, giving them a way to release their stresses and anxieties. Memes can make people laugh and brighten the day of those who read them. Who says that art has to hang on the wall? Why can’t it be shared and passed around? Why can’t it be changed and made new by others?

Though the world still enjoys the art of the Impressionist, Cubism, Abstractism, and every other period, art has reached a new level in this Memeionism period. This is a time of fluidity and change, memes are the new way of expression and the younger generations of the world have embraced them wholeheartedly.