Moms Can’t Even Go Grocery Shopping Without Getting Shamed

Mom-shaming is real. It’s not just one of those things that moms cry out when they’re getting picked on. It’s very real, and it’s getting bad. If you spend just a few moments on Facebook each day, you probably see all kinds of mom-shaming, whether it’s on your friends’ posts or comments on news articles. As if being a parent wasn’t hard enough already, now moms are facing ridiculous harassment on social media no matter what they do.

Mom-Shaming 101: One Blogger Gets an Earful

Me "going to Woolies, got a lot to buy so no kids are coming" Snow "cool story"

Posted by Constance Hall on Sunday, October 8, 2017

Imagine walking through the grocery store and seeing the perfect opportunity to snap a quick picture of your adorable kid. You originally were going to the store kidless, but your little one had a better idea: to join you, of course. She’s looking too cute sitting in the seat of your grocery cart, so you decide to share a photo on Facebook to your fan page followers. But, commenters just can’t help but notice something. You apparently forgot to put fruit and vegetables in your cart. Shame on you!

This is exactly what happened to an Australian blogger named Constance Hall. Her daughter, Snow, sat in her shopping cart with a cute little smile. Hall captioned the photo, “Me: ‘Going to Woolies, got a lot to buy so no kids are coming. Snow: ‘cool story.’” It was all supposed to be fun, but people on social media don’t know how to take anything fun these days.

Instead, they blamed her for not having enough healthy, fresh foods. They judged her for having instant noodles in her cart. Her shopping cart was just not up to their standards. Because – you know – her cart is everyone else’s business and what she buys affects them, right?

Why the Judgment?

Mom judgment is out of control
Source: geralt via Pixabay

You’ve heard your parents tell you things like, “Kids only make fun of you to feel better about themselves.” It applies to adults, too. It’s easy to feel insecure as a mom. Despite all the things you do right, you always feel like you’re doing something wrong. Are your kids getting enough vitamins? Do they play outside enough? Is the shower water too hot? Seriously – every little thing is a big deal for moms.

So, maybe for some moms, shaming other moms is a way out. It’s a way to feel better about themselves, even if only for a minute in an online world. Maybe these moms are the same high school girls who bullied the kids who didn’t wear cool clothes. Who knows? But it’s time to stop. No mom, no person, is perfect. Until you are (which will never happen, by the way), perhaps you should take a seat and worry about what’s causing you to be so judgmental in the first place.