Never Trump Dating App – Preparing Americans For The Trumpocalypse

Can True Love Come From Hate For Trump?

Plenty of Americans say they will move to Canada if Donald Trump is elected president. The conditions in the United States are predicted to deteriorate if a man like Trump took the Oval Office. Currently, Trump continues to man a challenge against his bitter rival, Hillary Clinton. But if Americans were to move in with our neighbors to the north (and remember, in Canada, it’s spelled neighbours), how would they find romance? What if there was a way to introduce these Trump-shy Americans to some Trudeau-supported Canadians? The best thing for this has already been introduced. It’s called the Never Trump dating app.

Never Trump App - Google Play Store

The Never Trump dating app was created by GreenRobot, LLC. Similar to Tinder and the plethora of other dating apps already available for phones, it puts its own twist on dating. It boasts the ability to match concerned citizens from both sides of the border in the event of a Trump victory in November. The tagline of the app reads:

Americans: Horrified of a Trump presidency and want to move to Canada? Find a new match here. Canadians: Want to help a neighbor in the US escape Trump?

So far, the app is in it’s infancy, but thousands of people have downloaded it as the election draws nearer. It seems like it is getting more likely that Trump could find himself as president, and people are getting concerned.

How To Use The Never Trump Dating App

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The app is relatively easy to use, especially for those used to Tinder and other similar dating apps. Users must have a Facebook account to use the app. After putting down some basic information (name, age, and most importantly, whether or not you pay for healthcare), you can begin saying choosing potential partners by tapping “Yes” or “No”. If you find a successful match, you can chat with them. From there, it’s up to the user to keep that match alive.

The Future of the App

Will this app perform? Will there be any new romances between the two countries? It’s too early to say for sure. We do know that over 20% of Americans would consider moving to Canada to avoid the Donald Trump Apocalypse (Trumpocalpyse?). And also, there is some promise of over 1000 app downloads 3 months before the election is slated to take place.

We may end up seeing some good long-distance relationships developing between the 49th parallel. Whether those will end up being successful has yet to be known. But if a couple can match up similarly in terms of political alignment, then that’s one less thing that they will be arguing about!

But in the end, if we want to see the app succeed, it will likely come after a Donald Trump win in November. So maybe for the time being, should we really wish for the success of this app? For the future of America, we should actually hoping that it fails.