Coffee Addicts Can Now Drink Their Addiction Through a Never-Before-Seen Pipe

coffee pipe for addicts

Some people are serious about their coffee. They drink it from morning until night and now they can get a fix while they are on the go. Java lovers can use a pocket-sized pipe to get their fill whenever they want it. Yes, we are being completely serious about this. Can you imagine being on the go and unable to cure your craving?

Well, now you don’t have to worry about it. Simply whip out your Bripe Coffee Brew Pipe and make yourself a quick shot. In a few short minutes, you will have your coffee fix and you don’t have to worry about standing in line at the local coffee shop. After using this simple, compact system, your favorite barista will wonder what happened to you.

Impossible, you say? Not really. This pocket-sized, all-in-one coffee brewer doesn’t need a stove or an outside heat source. The silver and copper pipe can hold coffee or tea grounds and water in the small bowl. There is a refillable butane torch that is included with the set and it warms up the concoction from the bottom. The drop in thermometer lets you know when your brew is ready and doubles as a stirrer. You can even add milk, cream, or sugar.

mug for coffee addicts
Source: Pixabay

Wow! You have got to love technology.

The most important thing to remember is that this pipe is for sipping, not inhaling. You won’t even get coffee grounds in your cup because there is a filter to prevent that from happening. It even comes with a stand so your concoction can cool before you drink it, a tube to hold your coffee or tea, and a handy carrying case.

So, if you are a huge coffee fan, this may be the gadget for you. But if it seems like too much work for you, maybe you should keep going to the coffee shop.