Four More Resolutions to Consider For 2018

How To Keep Your New Years Resolutions
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Are you ready for 2018? Are you a person that makes resolutions in the new year? Do you find that you stick with them or do you give up by February? This year you should think of a resolution that will change your life and stick with it! Having positive goals for the future is a great thing to do. Some people think having resolutions is silly, but it’s not. Working with you or those around you to make things better is never a stupid thing. Here are resolutions to consider for 2018. 

  1. Get healthier. Everyone pretty much could stand to get healthier in 2018. Some things you could consider are, drinking more water, eating less sugar, start exercising, quit smoking, or getting more sleep. Maybe don’t get the most expensive gym membership, but start walking around the block, keep it simple.
  2. Make your house more of a home. You could conquer clutter, organize your paperwork, start meal planning, make a cleaning schedule or get a decent bedtime routine. Maybe you shouldn’t buy all new kitchen gadgets for food prep, but start with what you already have.