No Resolutions: The Arguments Against a New Year’s Tradition

New year, new you.  It’s a popular phrase the first week of January, as millions of people shake off their New Year’s Eve hangovers and get started on their goals.  The beginning of the year offers us all a clean slate.  What better time to get fit, smart, financially savvy, or whatever it is you’re chasing.  But there’s a school of thought growing in popularity.  If you want to succeed in 2018, don’t follow the pack.  That’s right. No resolutions.

Wait till Spring

Springtime goals
Source: Wikimedia Commons

It turns out January is a crappy time to commit to things.  There’s bitter cold.  Most of us are depressed about returning to work.  We’re buried up to our heads in new projects and emails.  And we’re still recovering from the break.  In short, none of us are in the right mindset to make a big change.  A better alternative?  Spring.  By then, you’ve caught up on life as it is, and the weather’s better.  You’ll be more optimistic and thus, more equipped to make stuff happen.