Spotify and Tinder Unite For Lovers Everywhere

Spotify and Tinder have joined forces to fight loneliness by bringing music to its single community. Starting on September 20th of this year, you will now be able to link these two accounts to enhance your search on the popular dating app.tinder

Tinder will now allow you to apply a “Tinder Anthem” to your profile. This anthem will be playable for other members if they stumble across your page. It could potentially allow you to meet people who share the same music interests as you. If users have their Spotify and Tinder accounts linked, they will be able to see what artists they have in common.

The New Possibilities

Being able to have your own theme song can open up new possibilities for users. Not only is it promoting finding other people that have similar interests as you, it is also encouraging expression.

By picking the right song, you could be telling people what you are all about. By telling people you are just going to “shake it off”, you could be expressing that you are a Swiftie and that you are worry free.

The self-expression doesn’t have to stop there though. Music choices about “popping it” could show that you are looking for something more casual then someone who is posting a song about endless love. By making the right music selection, you could be revealing what your intentions are for your Tinder profile.

While Spotify and Tinder are uniting in a quest of romance and business expansion, it is sure to remind people of Myspace. Remember Myspace? The once popular social media site allowed members to pick a profile song for users to hear while searching through their page.


The Music Wars

As companies like Apple Music and Tidal have been fighting for subscribers, Spotify has been on the rise. Recently, the company reported that they now have over 40 million paying members. They received 10 million of these subscribers in the past six months alone. This makes Spotify the fastest growing service available right now.

Spotify offers members the ability to create their own playlists. There is also a wide variety of playlists that users can find and then subscribe to. Also, Spotify integrates with social media like Facebook and now, Tinder. What’s next for this growing compan? Will it continue to do well as it competes against Apple Music and Tidal?

One thing for sure is that Spotify may not offer the latest hits like its competitors, but its features keep its audience coming back for more.