Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution with These Tips

New Year's resolution 2018
Credit: CC0 Public Domain

It’s January 2.  For millions, that means a return to the grind.  It’s time to unclog your inbox, start shaving off your holiday weight gain, and inch toward your 2018 goals.  Those goals have likely taken shape as a New Year’s resolution or two.  It’s great to have them because you have a North Star of achievement in mind.  But resolutions were practically made to be broken.

80% of us will fail by February.  It’s not because the act of making resolutions is ineffective. It’s the way we choose to pursue them.  Starting your resolution on January 1 can be a bit misleading.  You’ve had a couple weeks off to recharge your body and your optimism.  However, trying to fit those lofty goals into your regular work and life schedule can prove difficult.  So much so that you abandon your objectives.

If you want to succeed this year, try one or all of the following tips.