How To Survive the Long Flights Home This Christmas

You may have to do some traveling this Christmas. This can be a really annoying thing to go through every year, and perhaps you’d like to save yourself some headache. Here are some tips for surviving a long flight this Christmas season.

Surviving a long flight this christmas

  1. Take the aisle seat. You’ll be able to get up when you want to to use the bathroom and can stretch your legs. If you are traveling in pairs, you’re better off both selecting the aisles seats across from each other.
  2. Exercise before you fly. You can justify sitting for a long time when you’ve gotten in your steps for the day beforehand. You’ll also expend energy and might be able to sleep on the flight.
  3. Pack a good book, or your tablet. Long flights are the perfect time to catch up on reading if you have a busy schedule.
  4. Color. There are a bunch of interesting adult coloring books on the market. Bring colored pencils and get creative.
  5. Wear close-toe shoes. It will protect you from unclean airport bathrooms and protect your feet from stray suitcases.