Criticism: Can You Receive it Without Losing Your Cool?

taking criticism

Criticism. It affects just about every aspect of our lives. Some of it is helpful. Some of it, not so much. It can be difficult to deal with at times. The reality is it can be very helpful and can aid you in improving your performance. You just have to be willing to listen and receive it. Who knows? You may learn something about yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you are at work, on the ball field or in the classroom. People have to be willing to accept guidance and feedback from others. How you receive it will make all the difference in the world. Here are a few tips about receiving criticism.

  1. Dont react. Before you fly off the handle, stop. There’s no need to make a face or say anything. Just listen. Overreacting can get you into trouble.
  2. Understand that feedback can be beneficial. In most cases, the suggestions you are being given will help improve your performance. It doesn’t matter if it comes from your teacher, coach or employer. If someone is trying to help you better your baseball swing, listen. The same applies to your coursework and your job.
  3. Listen carefully so you can comprehend. Put your listening ears on and hear what is being said to you. By taking the time to receive what you’re being told, you can incorporate the feedback into your work with positive results.
Listening together
Source: Wikimedia Commons
  1. Always say “thank you”. Whether you agree or not, take the time to thank the person giving you the information. Obviously, they feel what they are telling you will benefit you.
  2. Ask questions. If you don’t understand what the specific point is, ask about it. Don’t pretend to understand if you truly don’t. Misinterpretation can create further problems. Take notes if you have to.
  3. Take time to apply the feedback. It is important to take some time to incorporate the feedback into your routine and then go back to the source and followup.

If you are willing to receive criticism without losing your cool, you can improve your performance in the long run.