Tesla Owners Tell Officers, “I Wasn’t Driving”

Tesla Crash Shaggy it wasn't me

Two Tesla owners are in serious trouble after getting into accidents while their cars were on “autopilot.” One driver’s blood alcohol content was about twice the legal limit when he was found by police unconscious between San Francisco and Oakland on the Bay Bridge.  He told the officer he set the car to “autopilot” before he passed out, so, it wasn’t him that was doing the driver.

The other driver hit a parked fire truck on Interstate 405 in the city of Los Angeles. He also had his vehicle on autopilot when it slammed into a fire truck at an accident scene.

Both drivers are the first two people to inform officers that it wasn’t them that was driving, it was the car doing all the driving. Apparently, some Tesla owners believe its okay to set the autopilot and zone out.

Umm… We may not be technical whizzes, but we are sure you have to be in control of the car (even if is on autopilot). And you definitely have to be conscious when you’re behind the wheel. Needless to say, both of these geniuses got locked up and their vehicles towed.

Seriously, guys? That’s the best excuse you can come up with.

We expect the excuses to get more and more elaborate as drivers work hard to find ways to get out of their tickets and going to jail.

Tesla will check each of the vehicles’ data to see if the cars were on autopilot when the crashes took place. Whatever the results, we don’t think either driver will be able to get out of their charges. Let’s face it, those are two of the worst excuses for causing accidents we’ve ever heard.

Perhaps they’ll get to keep their licenses. But it’s not looking good. It’s doubtful that either will be doing any driving in the near future.