College Life: Things to do Between Classes This Semester

things to do between classes
Source: Pixabay

Everyone wishes they had a great schedule without a lot of time between classes that ends early in the day. However, most students do not have this. Here are some things to do between classes this semester.

  1. You can watch Netflix or Hulu.
  2. Find a cool spot on campus that not a lot of people know about. There really are most likely quite a few if you take the time to look for them. You could also ask around.
  3. Take a power nap. Do you live on campus? That makes it easy. If not you could always nap in your car.
  4. Do homework. This seems like an easy no brained suggestion, but it can be hard to stay motivated to do homework between classes even if that is your intention. It could make it so you have more time with friends in the evening or you could go to the gym. You could also end up doing more homework!
  5. Visit your professors. If you are struggling in a class you may want to touch base with them during their office hours. They will be happy to help you, they want to see you succeed!