College Life: Things to do Between Classes This Semester

Things to do Between Classes in College

things to do between classes
Source: Pixabay
  1. Get a job on campus. This is a good way to kill time and also gets you job experience before graduation. If your school has a job center you can talk to them or look for listings on your school website.
  2. Join a club. There are so many for every interest. This is a good way to make friends that have similar interests as you.
  3. Take care of any errands you have. Do you have a bill you have questions about? Do you need to turn in some paperwork? The perfect time to do this is between classes.
  4. Do laundry. If you live on campus this would be a good time to get it done.
  5. Have a snack or lunch. You’ll want to make sure you are eating well between classes, especially if some classes don’t allow you to have a snack or beverage in class.

I hope these suggestions help you the next time you are bored between classes. There are things you can do to use your time constructively.