Tips for a Healthier Holiday This Season

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is a time where we see friends and family, eat, and exchange gifts. Here are some tips for a healthier holiday.

healthy holidays

  1. Identify all situations where you are more likely to eat poorly, like office parties and family gatherings, and make a plan to stay on track for each. If you decide to indulge, pick one and make it count.
  2. Stay active. Busy doesn’t mean active. You should still exercise for 30 minutes everyday. Break it up in smaller sessions if you are busy.
  3. Make healthy recipes. Keep low calorie food on hand.
  4. Budget wisely. Watch your food intake during the day if you are going to a party at night.
  5. Make gift giving simple. Instead of buying for everyone, draw names from a hat or give to charity instead.
  6. Focus on loved ones instead of food at gatherings and actually visit with your family.
  7. Walk more.