Anton Pilipa, a Canadian Man Missing for 5 Years, Found in Brazil

Anton Pilipa, a 39 year old Canadian hailing from Toronto, Ontario, was recently found in Brazil, after 5 years of being missing. He was found wandering on a highway in Northern Brazil before being taken to a hospital and sent back to Canada with his brother Stefan Pilipa. For his family, it ended five years of frustration and worry, as there had been no word on the man since March 2012.

Stefan Pilipa Attempts to Bring His Brother Back to Canada

Stefan Pilipa talks about his brother, Anton Pilipa
Source: CBC

The man was found in Brazil, wandering along the highway, with no possessions, passport, or ID. A Brazilian police officer who happened to know English, found him, and because he stood out so much, started asking him questions. She did, however, find out he was Canadian, so she contacted the family through Twitter. She got in contact with his brother Stefan, who planned on going to Brazil immediately. After a crowdfunding campaign, Stefan Pilipa was able to raise the required funds for the trip, and headed south.

But for Anton, he wasn’t super keen on the idea of going back to Canada. Shortly after being placed in a Brazilian hospital, he escaped, and attempted to hide in the Amazon jungle. Of course, this is the home of hundreds of deadly animals, many of which can kill a human with poisonous stings, razor-sharp teeth, or slashing claws. Not the best place for a mentally-ill man to be running around in.

Anton Pilipa’s Journey From Toronto to Brazil

Map of Anton Palipi's journey to Brazil from Toronto, Canada
Source: Mappi

Fortunately, Anton Pilipa was caught and returned to the hospital, just in time for his brother Stefan to arrive and bring him home. All those years traveling did a real toll on his body, and he “looked really rough”, according to Stefan. It is speculated that he actually walked most of the journey from Canada to Brazil, crossing many different types of terrain, often without shoes. The change from the freezing northern weather and blistering summers in the south must have been tough, as was his lack of immunity to foreign diseases.

But for now, Anton has returned to Canada. However, he was arrested for outstanding charges and is scheduled to appear in court. He is on bail, and his family is hopeful that he can get treatment and a better future, to “help him have the life he deserves”.