10 Reasons Banksy’s Dismaland Beats Disneyland

Banksy’s Dismaland has taken the world by storm. People everywhere are flocking to Bristol to see the latest addition to the theme park world. So it leaves one question unanswered. Where would you rather go? Disneyland or Dismaland? If you are like us at BAE Daily then that answer is easy. So pack up the kids, honey we are going to Dismaland!

10 Reason’s Banksy’s Dismaland Beats Disneyland

A man sits in a hazmat suit on top of lasagne at Banksy's dismaland
Dismaland vs Disneyland

Dismaland Food Is Butchered and Prepared Onsite

Hey if you want your lasagne served up by a psychotic looking butcher wearing a hazmat suite and riding a merry-go-round then clearly you want to go to Banksy’s Dismaland. The food at Disneyland in comparison is a little plain and kinda prepackaged looking.