Woman Stares Down a Crocodile with Nothing But a Sandal

Earlier this month in Kakadu National Park in Australia, a women had a close encounter with the reptile kind. At Cahill’s Crossing, a big salt water crocodile decided that her small dog looked appetizing. The dog walked behind its owner as the crocodile swam up the water’s edge quickly. Without hesitating, he woman took off her sandal and slapped it into her other hand while yelling at the four meter long reptile. The crocodile gave up and swam off, leaving the woman and some on lookers laughing. Others are more concerned about the incident, calling for some changes to happen to prevent a future accident.

Cahill’s Crossing

Park rangers for Kakadu National Park and elders among the Aborginals are scared that an accident could happen at any time. At the end of the dry season, crocodiles gather in the area to eat fish that are in abundance. In Cahill’s Crossing alone, there are believed to be at least 120 crocodiles that are currently feeding. These numbers are encouraging because it proves that the salt water crocodile population has made a terrific recovery after suffering greatly as human’s entered the area.

But it’s this increase in numbers that are attracting more people and tourists every year. This is on top of the people that go there for the same reason as the crocodiles, to fish. It’s the intoxicated people that rangers and elders fear the most. People already are prone to not listening well or to making bad decisions. But add a cold beer into the mixture, people are more likely to enter into the water.


Crocodile Safety

Source: Wikipedia

It’s during this time of year especially that people need to be safe and stay smart, especially around the big hungry salt water crocodiles that are looking for an easy meal. Because of this, locals are asking for another viewing platform to be created in the area. It would provide locals and visitors with a safe place to view the massive reptiles or to fish in safety. Rangers are also asking people to watch nature from the safety of a boat rather than from the shallows.

People are also asked not to bring their small animals or children near the water’s edge. Incidents like this one are more likely to happen when the crocodiles have spotted something that they have chosen as an easy meal.

The same can be applied anywhere in the world when viewing large, dangerous animals. While this woman has demonstrated that she could chase off a prehistoric creatures with a sandal, you may not be as lucky.