Disneyland Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Disneyland Secrets You Never Would Have Guessed

Disneyland is known for its childlike wonder. But there are some juicy Disneyland secrets that few know about. Read up on these Disneyland facts now!

Popular American cartoonist Walt Disney throughout his career wore many hats. Voice actor, film producer and animator among them. However, it is his vision of bringing to life a world of fantasy called Disneyland that he is perhaps best remembered for and for generations to come. The fantasy theme park often dubbed as the “happiest place on earth” opened its gates to visitors in 1955. Through the years, it has become a symbol of American pop culture. Partly owing to the characters that reside there along with its theatrical entertainment and rides. What park goers do not realize is that the park operates much like a stage performance with every performer putting forward a front holding back secrets of their own to preserve the magical element of its surroundings. With Disneyland’s 60th anniversary which falls this year, here are  some unknown Disneyland secrets few are privy to when they enter this world of wonder.

Tomorrowland’s Edible Plants

Edible Plants (Kale) in Tomorrowland
Source: Flickr

The themed island in the park  is meant to be an organic farm where humanity is capable of making the most of its resources. Hence the plants in the Tomorrowland are can be eaten.

The Park Opened With Only 18 Attractions

abandoned amusement park
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Disneyland has come a long way from its beginnings of just 18 small attractions. However, of the original attractions, 14 still remain open, giving generations who visit the park a taste of the park’s old-world charm.

Honoring Pets With A Cemetery

pet cemetary
Source: Flickr

Visitors who wish to take a stroll through the Disney pet cemetery need to only step out of the Haunted Mansion to find it . Among the more amazing facts is that is has tombstones as well and even a grave for Mr. Toad, the lovable character in the famed series ‘The Wind In The Willows’.

Secret Apartment Inside the Fire Station

Disneyland fire department
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According to popular legend a secret apartment exists inside the park’s fire station. Many believe it to be Walt Disney’s private quarters.

Celebrities Worked at Disneyland

Disneyland Employees
Source: Wikimedia Commons

While the park has been home to many thrilling rides and happy times, a little known fact is that the park has also been a source of employment to striving actors. Michelle Pfeiffer and Steve Martin were both employed at the park at one time during their careers. Martin sold guidebooks at the park in the 50’s while Pfeiffer dressed up as Alice in the 70’s for her daily rendition of  Alice in Wonderland.

No Facial Hair for Staffers

Brent Burns beard
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Among the regulations of working at the park, it required staff to be clean shaven. However, in the 2000’s, theme park workers were permitted to grow moustaches that were groomed. We can safely assume that there are no real winners at the annual Disneyland Movember contest, though.

Human Skeletons Used in Pirates of the Caribbean Ride

human skulls
Source: Wikimedia Commons

The creepiest of these Disneyland secrets has to go with a little-known Disneyland fact about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. In order to maintain a sense of realism alongside all the fantasy surrounding the park, it has been reported that the first Pirates of the Caribbean ride used real skeletons as props. Real human skeletal remains were part of an exhibit for the ride and loaned to the park from UCLA. However, to-date only one human skull remains.