Why I’m Taking My Weakest, City-Slicker Friends Camping For the First Time

The sun has awoken from its long winter slumber, both the birds and the bees are procreating in record numbers, and sales of allergy medication has just gone through the roof. What time is it? Summer time! The weather is perfect for a nice run, a BBQ, or a fun weekend camp. Camping has been a tradition all of the world for years. Heck, people have been sleeping in the wilderness since the caveman era. But what if you haven’t gone camping before? Are you unsure of what to pack? Are you worried about being eaten by a bear? Well, worry no more. Camping is one of those amazing life experiences that everyone should go through at least once in their life. My weak, city-slicker friends (no offence, guys) have lived their entire lives without going camping, so I’ve taken it upon myself to teach them. So, boys, here are 5 great reasons why you should go camping. And for anyone else interested, this guide is for you, too!

1) Get Away From it All

Camping getaway
Source: Pexels

Being stuck in the office sucks. Being stuck in traffic sucks. And being stuck for hours in a lecture hall taking a class you hate because the school forces everybody to take “elective” courses like “Statistical Implications of Psychological Studies” outside of your actual major, which will have absolutely ZERO impact on your future career in marketing, content creation, and creative writing job MOST DEFINITELY sucks. OK, rant over, but you know where I’m getting at here.

If I’m working my tail off conducting statistical hypothesis testing, the best remedy for me is to take a long break after the semester ends. And if I’m sitting for weeks on end in a windowless office proofreading company files, filing TPS reports (cover included), and writing articles like this for your amusement, I need to get out. My friends as well. Yes, we can go wandering or drown ourselves in an endless binge of Breaking Bad, but there’s just something about camping that is so serene. You get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. You no longer have to hear your boss screaming down your ear. And the best part of it is that once you go camping, you won’t miss any of that for a second.