Man Kicked off Plane For Catcalling A Flight Attendant

An Awkward Alaska Airlines Flight

An Alaska Airlines flight turned awkward after a passenger began catcalling a flight attendant. It seemed to be business as usual on the Alaska Airlines flight. Passengers rudely cutting the line to board the plane first, jammed their carry-ons into the overhead bins without much care, and babies prepared their lungs for the inevitable scream-fest that was to come. And as usual, the safety demonstration began. As is normal with safety demonstrations, nobody cared. Many people continued playing Candy Crush, talking with their friends, or reading up on the latest news on random celebrity gossip.

Safety demonstrations are perfectly orchestrated by flight crews. They elegantly demonstrate proper seatbelt usage, point at the emergency exits with precision, and give an Oscar-winning performance when breathing through an oxygen mask. The best part? Nobody listens. But when there is an interruption, people are bound to start paying attention.

Catcalling a Flight Attendant: “When You’re a Star, They’ll Let You Do It”

Flight attendants performing a safety demonstration
Source: Wikipedia

Well, at least we know that someone was paying attention to the safety demonstration. We’re not sure about how this would have panned out if Donald Trump was involved, but the incident didn’t end too well for the man who did it. Once the demonstration began, the man called out “Ooh, sexy!”. The worst part was that the man was surrounded by other women. He was nestled between the window seat and the aisle seat. Was he upset about getting the middle seat? If so, he should’ve bought another ticket.

The man made both women next to him uncomfortable, as well as women in the rows in front of him and behind him. The women were so uncomfortable, but could do nothing. They just sat there dumbfounded. Fortunately, the flight attendant, who was at the time giving her best “woman floating with an inflatable life-vest” impression, took off the vest and walked up to him. The perfect TV-movie would see her give him a big slap to the face, but hey, she had to keep it professional.

“You need to be respectful”, she said. As she walked back, the man replied “c’mon, I’m just playing with you!”. If the man was ever considering to run for president, he better hope there were no hot mics around.


Soon, the flight attendants called security and the man was forcefully ejected from the plane. His cries of innocence echoed through the cabin as has he was escorted off the plane. People are praising Alaska Airlines for their quick action that saw the harasser tossed from the flight. A social media post by a woman sitting a row ahead of the man has been shared over 4300 times. It also got over 28,000 reactions and 2300 comments. Hopefully this will send a message to anyone thinking of catcalling a flight attendant (or any other woman, for that matter).